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I go deep while others dabble/
Right as rain I’m from Seattle/
Shower your whole posse/
No dead bodies, or bullets sprayed/
Just two shots up in my latte.

Maddy’s mission is to leave an indelible footprint in a shifting cultural landscape, one in which young people’s dreams for peace can take root.


Maddy has several years of teaching experience, mainly in underserved communities of color.  She’s worked with such organizations as Powerful Voices, Oakland Leaf, Youth Speaks, Streetside Stories and, most recently, WritersCorps. Maddy uses Hip Hop and Spoken Word to bring poetry to life! She’s taught workshops in her hometown of Seattle, in San Francisco, Oakland and even in Africa.    

Maddy recently served as a Hip Hop Ambassador to Uganda through the Next Level Program, a project of the U.S. Department of State and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  

These days, you’ll find Maddy facilitating weekly poetry workshops at College Track in the Bayview neighborhood of SF, and at the San Francisco Juvenile Justice Center. 

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